Osaka – Abeno Harukas Sky Garden

When I was in Osaka I took a little trip out to view the Abeno Harukas building next to Tennoji station in Abeno Ward. “Harukas” is an old expression to mean “to brighten” or “to clear up”, which was coined thanks to the clear, sweeping views of Osaka that it enables. It’s actually the tallest structure in Japan, from the top floor you are able to view Osaka from 300 metres in the air.

A friend of mine recommended I experience the Sky Garden that’s not at the top but offers a peaceful setting for you to admire this beautiful cityscape. Oh, a bonus, it’s also free. Make sure you stop by if you’re ever in Osaka.

28 December, 2017

Kyoto – Little Sweet Shop

15 November, 2017

Kyoto – Ryoanji

walking up the stairs to ryoanji temple in north kyoto conjures up a mixture of feelings. the temple itself is so well-known in western parts of the world, but doesn’t appear to be as popular with those within japan …

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5 November, 2017

Kanazawa – D. T. Suzuki Museum Details

27 October, 2017

Kanazawa – D. T. Suzuki Museum

“technical knowledge is not enough. one must transcend techniques so that the art becomes an artless art, growing out of the unconscious.” – d.t. suzuki

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26 October, 2017