Miyajima – Mount Misen

My final post from the Miyajima series in Japan. After enjoying a stroll around the island I took the trip up to Mount Misen, the scared mountain on Itsukushima, Hiroshima. I didn’t have enough time to walk to the top, which is anywhere from an hour and a half to two and a half hours by foot, instead I took the easy route using the Miyajima Ropeway. I’m glad I did as it was a real spectacle to sit inside the cable car as it travelled up the mountain. The views were breathtaking. Maybe I will save the walk for another year!

After taking a ride on two cable cars you can then enjoy the views or take the option to walk an extra 30 minutes to the peak of the mountain. The journey itself is a little steep and rocky, but once you arrive at the top it’s a special experience indeed. I can see why the mountain is an important destination for religious visitors, the abundance of nature, fresh air and views really cleanse the mind and revive you with a sense of optimism and energy about the world. I edited a few photos from the trip and I hope you enjoy scrolling through them here, I look forward to highlighting other interesting sights in Japan soon.

14 January, 2018

Miyajima – Daisho-in

In my previous post that showed the 500 Rakan Statues I talked about the beautiful surroundings of Daisho-in on Miyajima. I took a particular liking to this area of Miyajima and wanted to showcase some more pictures I took from in and around the temple grounds.

Daisho-in was founded in the year 806 by Kūkai, one of the most famous monks in Japan. Not only was Kūkai a master of the Buddhist teaching he was also an artist, scholar and poet, he was especially held in high regard as a calligrapher and an engineer. As a hard worker in all areas of life there are many noteworthy achievements in his lifetime but one particular achievement was the invention of kana, the syllabary system that, in combination with the Chinese characters in the Japanese writing system, is still used today.

I had a very peaceful feeling walking around this area. There are lots of little paths that join and meet in the garden, there are also many levels that make it easy to contemplate and enjoy the views. I hope you like a few of my images here and will research more about this temple and the monk Kūkai, they are sure to inspire you.

12 January, 2018

Miyajima – Itsukushima Shrine

10 January, 2018

Miyajima – 500 Rakan Statues

Something that I find very special about Japan is their love for small objects and small spaces. I’ve read that this way of thinking comes from their belief of a god living inside every object, but I think there are many more contributing factors. As an avid photographer it means you can spend a lot of time in a small space marvelling over the details, entering a Japanese garden for example can be an enlightening experience as you can find many minutiae that attract your attention. In turn a camera is the perfect tool to find and capture these moments, even if it serves only to inspire oneself and act as a magnifying glass of sorts.

While on a visit to the island of Miyajima, of which is a short boat ride from Hiroshima, I set foot in the temple grounds of Daisho-in. This area has a serene atmosphere, making it a pleasure to wander around the grounds and work your way to the top temple. An area that instantly grabbed my attention was just left of the gate, 500 Rakan Statues that all represent a Buddhist monk who was directly instructed by the Buddha himself. If you look closely you can see a range of expressions on the face of these sculptures, the different emotions can all be felt as you try to understand the meaning of this group as a whole and the beanie style hats that they are wearing.

It’s a fascinating place and I highly recommend visiting yourself if you’re ever on Miyajima. I have to say, Daisho-in being lesser known than the other temples in this area meant it was one of the best experiences I had on this island. Here are some photos of the stairs and statues on the walk up to the temple. Enjoy.

7 January, 2018

Osaka – Osaka Castle

I try my best to highlight unique locations with my camera, those places that haven’t had as much attention as the usual tourist spots that most people tend to visit. Saying that, looking back at the photos from my recent trip to Osaka I felt that I was able to capture the atmosphere surrounding famous Osaka Castle and the overall landscape nicely. Since this location has a little bit of a bad rap, possibly due to the constant stream of tourists in the area, I wanted to showcase my own interpretation of this fantastic building through the details in my photography.

Although I’ve stayed in Osaka in the past this was actually my first time visiting the castle grounds. I have to say I really enjoyed it. Not only was it pleasent walking up the castle, the temple grounds were also nice to spend time in and walk around. I would definitely recommend passing by on a sunny day, I don’t think you will be disappointed. Anyway, here are a few photos from my trip, more from other areas to come in the near future.

P.S. I recently created a Steemit account where people can join the Steemit website and upvote my work on my page, thus giving me a little kickback for the time I spend writing articles and photographing (although I do it for fun anyway). Steemit is a really interesting project that rewards creators, so I highly recommend trying it for yourself to see if this system can offer any value to you, in turn your content offering value to those on the platform.

31 December, 2017