Takamatsu – Traditional Japanese Style Home

After a long day on the island of Takamatsu I hopped on the boat towards Teshima where a Ryokan experience awaited for me. Unfortunately I had noone to wait on me, but I was able to stay in a renovated property selected by a Japanese architect living and working in Takamatsu. She had recently refurbished the property, hoping to balance her appreciation for Japanese tradition and that of modern design. I was very happy to converse with her in Japanese and understand some of her influences, one being Tadao Ando, kind of fitting since I just came from Naoshima.

Overall the space was a beautiful place to rest in and I peacefully slept. It was a nice experience to slide open the Shoji doors and look out at the small zen garden at the back. I only wish I would of had more time to enjoy it, the property was nice and I think the area would of been great to explore. But hey, I had places to be and needed to hop on the mid morning ferry to Teshima. My next island of exploration! Here are a few photos from inside this property.

5 February, 2018