Naoshima – Benesse House Museum

The Benesse House on Naoshima opened in 1992 and looked to integrate both a museum and hotel in one. Now this building is just one of four, the others also accommodating guests, plus a restaurant, cafe and spa. Inside the house is a selection of art, some are site specific works, such as the photography by Hiroshi Sugimoto seen here, but others are temporary and rotate throughout the year.

Conceptually the building is built on the idea of “coexistence of nature, art and architecture”. As I’m a fan of Japanese architect Tadao Ando the focal point for me was to see what kind of conversation existed between the exterior elements and the interior elements. I was taken a back by the shadows scattered across the stark concrete, more of which I will show in a future series. Interestingly it didn’t feel cold or plain at all.

Unfortunately I was not allowed to take pictures in the main gallery, but I was able to capture a few of the outer sections of the building and the main lobby area. This island certainly inspired me and I hope the pictures inspire you too. Enjoy.

29 January, 2018