Miyajima – Daisho-in

In my previous post that showed the 500 Rakan Statues I talked about the beautiful surroundings of Daisho-in on Miyajima. I took a particular liking to this area of Miyajima and wanted to showcase some more pictures I took from in and around the temple grounds.

Daisho-in was founded in the year 806 by Kūkai, one of the most famous monks in Japan. Not only was Kūkai a master of the Buddhist teaching he was also an artist, scholar and poet, he was especially held in high regard as a calligrapher and an engineer. As a hard worker in all areas of life there are many noteworthy achievements in his lifetime but one particular achievement was the invention of kana, the syllabary system that, in combination with the Chinese characters in the Japanese writing system, is still used today.

I had a very peaceful feeling walking around this area. There are lots of little paths that join and meet in the garden, there are also many levels that make it easy to contemplate and enjoy the views. I hope you like a few of my images here and will research more about this temple and the monk Kūkai, they are sure to inspire you.

12 January, 2018