Kyoto – Katsura Rikyū

continuing our series of adventures from japan is a visit to katsura rikyu, or katsura imperial villa, in kyoto, japan. although it can be fairly difficult to secure a place to view this garden i was helped by a friend and was able to photograph the garden and surrounding property early one morning …

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20 October, 2017

Shigaraki – Miho Shadows

13 October, 2017

Shigaraki – Miho Museum

visiting japan is a special experience for any one who lives outside of the country, but with a limit on time people tend to stick to the tourist routes and heavily populated cities. this time i ventured out to some rural locations to explore art, design and craft in more detail, first up was miho museum about 2 hours from kyoto that involves a few trains and a fairly lengthy bus journey …

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10 October, 2017

Venice – Glassblowing Workshop

29 July, 2017

Ceramics – Updated Portfolio

It’s been a long time coming but I’m slowly introducing new works to my portfolio and will be continuing to do so over the next month or so. For the sake of simplicity I’ve condensed the two sections to ‘light’ and ‘dark’ and will be experimenting with ways in which I can group them in the near future. For more behind the scenes of my progress in the ceramic studio please follow me on my instagram page.

Keep an eye on the shop page for ceramics from my collection, only a limited amount will be available to purchase online at OEN Shop.

27 July, 2017