Naoshima – Lee Ufan Museum

After my visit to the Benesse Museum on Naoshima I decided to trundle over to the Lee Ufan Museum, one of the newer additions to the island. It’s distinct thanks to the wide open spaces in the courtyard that then guide you in to a narrow walkway, first going outward and then inward towards the museum entrance.

The museum itself highlights the work of Korean contemporary artist Lee Ufan, inside features stone installations and paintings from earlier on in his career. Designed by Tadao Ando, hence the use of concrete here, I was in awe of the clean cut surroundings and the cleanliness of the concrete. It was quite a unique experience and feels other worldly, a feeling that Tadao Ando’s architecture always gives off.

I really enjoyed walking around and capturing the shadows near the entrance and the open courtyard, thus I wanted to bring forward a few of the images today. More coming soon from my trips in Japan.

31 January, 2018