Naoshima – Details Around the Island

Towards the end of my trip in Japan I was lucky enough to fit in a visit to Naoshima and Teshima, also quickly jumping to Takamatsu. Although I didn’t get much time to explore Takamatsu I was able to spend one day in both Naoshima and Teshima, of which I will break down in to a series for you all.

Naoshima is basically a rural island that is most well known for its modern art museums, architecture and sculptures. This project came about when the Benesse Corporation, who oversees the museums and installations on Naoshima and other islands near by, collaborated with Japanese architect Tadao Ando to redesign the island as a hub for art. Tadao’s famous aesthetic of clean, contemporary lines is now all over the island and makes for a very unique experience.

Today I just wanted to highlight a few of the main details from the island as I have so many photographs from this trip it was difficult to break them down. I was able to cycle around the island and enjoy the weather, which just so happened to be sunny (very lucky), and then stop in at the different art museums. More coming soon from this trip! Enjoy.

29 January, 2018